Setting the Standard

Training and professional development for circus coaches

At Circus Training Australia we believe that even an art form as diverse and creative as circus will benefit from the implementation of comprehensive coaching systems.

Our mission at Circus Training Australia is to encourage standards of excellence in circus coaching by providing training for coaches and organisations.

We not only seek to assist circus schools and their coaches, but also the new wave of circus and aerial classes being taught in pole dancing and dance studios, gymnastic clubs and schools. To this end, we have produced a series of courses enabling circus coaches and organisations to:

  • Keep students of all levels engaged and progressing
  • Deliver fun, skills-based classes.
  • Increase their repertoire of skills.
  • Guarantee classes are run in a safe and consistent manner.
  • Quickly and effectively set lesson plans, making preparation time more efficient.
  • Use consistent terminology for trick names, meaning communication is clear.
  • Allow students to move between classes, making your courses more flexible and accessible.
  • Record class notes simply, concisely and clearly.
  • Allow replacement coaches to seamlessly fill in classes.
  • Provide coaches with an avenue for professional development.
  • Increase coaches’ value to current and future employers.
  • Provide proof of safe work methods for insurance and risk assessment purposes.

Are you looking for a better way to structure your classes?

Download a free Circus Training Australia teaching guide.

This four part series will walk you through everything you need to run an engaging and challenging trapeze class for beginners.

Complete with lesson plans and easy to follow photos to teach your sessions.

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Our expertly researched courses are delivered simply and clearly.

Circus Training Australia will help you to help your students shine.

Here's what other people have said about us:

"Thank you so much for such a fantastic week and for providing us with great hospitality and professionally run courses! I have watched as our coaches, including myself, have grown increasingly confident in teaching and spotting new tricks and walk away from the courses excited and motivated. I have also watched them re-find the motivation, enthusiasm and passion for their own training and performing that they had when they first started circus! It has been a very worthwhile trip from little old Tassie. We would definitely do it again!" - SLIPSTREAM CIRCUS

"Our head coach Ben just completed a Circus Training Australia course.. He has had nothing but great things to say – he absolutely  loved it. He got so much out of it and is really inspired. He’s implementing all the new techniques with his students and, well he’s just really excited about the whole thing! I'm looking forward to your courses next year!" - Louise Jordan, LITTLE DEVILS CIRCUS

"I absolutely loved these courses. I learnt SO much, not just about the syllabus- which is incredibly detailed and comprehensive, but about the apparatus, rigging, set up, student difficulties and more. Free, Jane and Daniel were amazing. Thank you so much! I will definitely be back to learn more in the future." - Jenny - PHYSIPOLE STUDIOS

"Dan and Free have put together an extremely professional and logical approach to training circus coaches, their resources are absolutely fantastic and their instruction and advice was excellent. I would highly recommend anyone involved with circus and coaching to consider enrolling in the next course they offer." - Drew Mitchell, FITNESSWORX

"Rarely is a coach so able to adapt their skills for Beginners and Advanced aerialist alike. Free challenges and inspires her students using their strengths, good technique and artistic flare. Whether they are first timers building strength and learning aerial awareness or advanced students polishing acts for performance, they are always proud of the results. Over the years of teaching at Circus Oz, students of all ages have enjoyed Free’s aerial classes, and return time and again. Her vast repertoire and attention to building solid foundation skills sees good skill progressions, resulting in a sense of great accomplishment. “ - Tara Gooding, CIRCUS OZ

"RUCCIS are thrilled to have had Free Coulston coaching for us and are still reaping the benefits of the coaching legacy that she left us. Her ability to structure classes for all age groups and skill levels heavily informed the RUCCIS coaching staff.  Free's has an incredible understanding of all aspects of circus coaching from warm up through to performance, which made her an invaluable addition to our coaching team. In recent years we have had Free run workshops for our coaches to inform them of the latest developments in coaching for circus. Her ability to relate her knowledge about circus skills make her extremely unique.” - Geoffrey Dunstan, RUCCIS

"Kelly and I absolutely loved both workshops that we attended. They were exceptionally well organised and very professional. We have been to quite a few training work shops in the past, and yours was by far the best! Free and Jane were both fantastic trainers and had a lot to offer. The booklets were a great reference and the space you have created is amazing. Congratulations to you all for your great work and thank you for having us." - Mardi Salon

"CTA's circus for kids course gave me heaps of ideas for activities to use in my program for kids with special needs, and progressions to go on with. The resource book is so helpful, with clear pictures and checklists for quick reference. And the course was super fun! Thanks Dan" - Marni Jackson