One of our favourite ways to warm students up is using partner based exercises. Partner warm ups are a huge asset to have in your coaching bag of tricks. Not only do they give your students a good work out, they are super fun, and encourage the social aspect of your class. Partner warm ups can be made accessible to every skill level, and still be challenging.

Done well, a warm up will help to prevent injury, condition your students bodies and get them engaged and present before you’ve moved on to the main part of your lesson.

So, we’ve put together a video series in …. PARTNER WARM UPS! TA DAH!!! Combined with a dynamic stretch, these exercises will make for a fast paced and effective class warm up.

Read below the video for more details on these exercises.

In part one of our video series, we focus in on glutes.

Why are we targeting glutes? Well… strong glutes are a key part of preventing injuries to the hips, knees and lower back. They will also make your line beautiful and strong in any extension. Be it a cartwheel on tissu, or a cartwheel on the floor

Although some of these exercises may look like familiar acrobalance drills, your students will have to work much harder if they aren’t actively trying to create a counter balance.

Exercise 1 – Squats (facing each other) – Holding hands with bent arms, make sure you stick your bum out as if you are sitting down into a chair – this ensures you are targeting glutes rather than quads.

Exercise 2 – Squat sit with rainbow arms – Again holding hands with bent arms, squat to a hover in a sitting position (thighs not quite parallel to the floor), and RAINBOW ARMS!

Exercise 2b – Squat sit with foot taps – As above, however this time we are tapping opposite feet. Make sure you don’t move up and down as you do this exercise.

Exercise 3 – Back to back squats – Start leaning your shoulders into your partner and step your feet away. You can squat halfway down, or all the way to the floor for an extra challenge. Or if you want to be extra crazy, alternate between half down and all the way down.

Exercise 4 – One leg squats! – Ok, this one is super hard, and definitely not for a beginners class. Just like exercise 1, start facing each other, holding hands, bent arms, now lift one leg off the ground and sit down as if you were sitting back into a chair.


– A little note on reps and sets: You will need to adjust these for the fitness level of your class, however if your goal is to warm up your students, for a recreational class just 10 reps of a three of these exercises will definitely get the hart rate up and give the legs a burn. Combine these with other exercises

Have fun with these, and be sure to comment below if you found this useful.

See you in video #2!