Time for part 2 of our partner warm ups series. If you haven’t seen the first video and read the accompanying notes, go check it out over here.

In video number 2 we’re concentrating on warming up your students glutes. Wait! Didn’t we do that last time? Well, last time we did glutes, this time we’ve added a couple of exercises that focus on gluteus medius. By incorporating sideways movements, we are activating the muscles responsible for pelvic stability when standing/hanging on only one leg – so great for aerialists and tumblers. Increasing pelvic stability means less lower back injuries and nicer lines!

Read below the video for more details on these exercises.


Exercise 1 – High knees. Let’s start by getting the heart pumping. Partner #1 holds hands out with palms down, while partner #2 runs on the spot lifting their knees to touch partner #1’s hands. To ensure both students are working hard, partner #2 stays in a squat. The combination of these 2 exercises means that you are activating both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers which is so important for circus work.

Exercise 2 – Back to back with your partner. Step to the side, squat, stand and repeat.

Exercise 3 – Back to back with your partner, sit down into a squat. Walk sideways without coming up from the squat position. Try to stay level and not go up and down as you move.

Exercise 4 – This last exercise is a great one to include as it’s deceptively hard work. Encourage your students to gently place their back knee on the floor so that they are maintaining control all the way down. It’s still targeting glute med as it includes weight bearing through one leg.

That’s it for video number 2. Keep an eye out for part three when we look at some core, chest and arm warm ups.

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